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New: 3D resin moulded sculpture 

Click here to view the new resin sculptures made by Damilola. These colourful hand-painted artworks will complement every home décor. Available in different colours upon request.


Figurative Art

An extraordinary collection of hand-drawn figurative artworks on paper in pencil, ink and other mixed media. Sizes range from 25x25cm to 60x80cm.

All artworks come framed.


Rose Art

A collection of hand-drawn artworks on paper using ink, watercolour, coffee and other mixed media. All works are 25x25cm and come framed.


3D Moulded

Damilola pairs moulded acrylic sheets with diverse materials and methods. Each artwork is unique, made by hand and combines illustrative with 3D elements. These artworks typically expand beyond the frame and offer a unique experience from many angles. A constant play of light and shadow. 



For this series, Damilola uses canvas and combines it with various styles. Inspiring portraits and abstract themes in acrylics, ink, pen and string. Sizes range from 20x25cm to 111x141cm

Canvas Reveals


Canvas Reveals

One of Damilola’s most popular series, these iconic artworks show acrylics on canvas paired with various materials. The reveal series invites you to challenge your perception and reveals the many possibilities of the known and the unexplored. The use of traditional painting and 3D elements provides a unique mix. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 10x10cm to 111x141cm.


Colour on Paper

Characterised by intricate details this series takes you on a thought-provoking journey. Primarily illustrated in ink on paper, Damilola also adds coffee, watercolour, and a range of other materials to give a textured aesthetic. The subjects range from well-known public figures to iconic buildings and will keep the viewer guessing about the meaning and how it is all interlinked. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to 50x50cm.


Coffee Art

Illustrations in ink paired with coffee elements give this series an aged and classic texture. The subject matters range from animals, nudes and portraits to abstracts and are a vital element in creating seamless depth. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to 40x50cm. 


Double Framed Art

A dynamic series that makes use of the space within and around – with the frame itself often becoming an element of the actual artwork. Subject matters vary with the iconic character and string often taking centre stage. Every artwork consists of two frames a 25x25cm, larger sizes are available upon request.


+Extended Art

The +Extended Art series aims to use the whole internal space of a box frame to reinforce the depth of an artwork. Using sand, paper, adhesive and wood Damilola creates a unique illusion of perception and challenges the viewer to think outside the box. All artworks come in a 25x25cm frame. Larger sizes are available upon request.


Deconstructed Ribbon

Ink and paper create an illusion with simple everyday iconic symbols reimagined within a wonderful monochromatic space. Themes embrace animals and figurative subjects. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to 50x50cm.


Fineline Small

One of Damilola’s signature styles, this series marries visual language with the thoughts and ideas experienced every day- transforming into a winding flow of details. Subject matters vary and are generally abstract. All artworks are 25x25 and framed. 


Fineline Large

Similar to the small Fineline series this series expands upon the concept of the unexplainable taking it to another level of complexity. An awe-inspiring experience that has not only caught the eye of collectors but brands like Converse, UBS, Google, YouTube and many more who have commissioned murals for their HQ offices (click here to learn more). Subjects usually vary and are primarily abstract. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to 60x80cm.



Damilola combines his love for geometry and applies it to popular icons and animals. Organic elements such as roses and string provide a stark contrast to the bold geometric shapes only fused by colour. Materials used include pen, ink, and paper. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm and 50x50cm. Large commissions are available upon request.


Gold Art

The Gold Art series mesmerises with alluring Gold elements in various forms including Gold leaf, beads and paint. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to 50x50cm.


Map Art

A series of hand-drawn maps showing a unique mix of intricate illustrations and abstract details mixed with colourful string. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to 50x50cm. Large commissions are available upon request.


Paper Reveal

Let Damilola’s most popular series take you on a journey of sophistication, fun and mystery. These multi-layered artworks show a unique mix of details, textures and methods to challenge your perception. The primary material used is pen on paper. All artworks come framed, and sizes range from 25x25cm to50x50cm. Large commissions are available upon request.



Iconic celebrities and unfamiliar faces are at the centre of this series, representing strong emotions through powerful brush strokes and vivid colours. Paper, canvas and card are the preferred materials as they offer great texture adding ink for intricate details. All paper artworks come framed. Card and canvas portraits come unframed with exposed edges. Sizes range from 25x25cm to 50x60cm. Large commissions are available upon request.



Whilst the vast majority of artworks by Damilola are originals, there is a small number of limited edition prints available. Every print is different from its master and complemented by an additional element like string or silver hue. Stand by for more to be released in 2020. All prints are 40x50cm and come framed.


Space /Time /Light

The S/T/L series draws upon everything cosmic and to do with space. Damilola applies the idea of time and space using light and darkness and combines it with philosophical ideas evoking a sense of wonder. Methods and materials vary and have been evolving. The Lunar element in every artwork is handmade, while the addition of a clock adds another dimension to the theme. All artworks come framed and sizes range from25x25cm to 50x50cm.