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UBS global interal engagement collaboration

In 2015, Damilola got together with UBS with bring a new fresh approach to corporate collaboration, the project gave Damilola unprecedented all to the internal workings and workers at UBS on a global scale.


He travelled to offices in London, Zurich, HK and NY to ask everyone in UBS one question, IF UBS were a city, how would you make it?

At each location, Damilola created a demonstration of his style of works and a summary of the ideas, thoughts, and conversation he captured in each region. This become the global screen saver, worldwide each work across all computers in the country, as too was Damilola.


After creating 4 larger demonstration/ performance artworks, he travelled back to London to collate all the information he gathered through this world tour, to then create 4 large, sprawling, abstract representations of this fictional, energetic cities, based on the responses of the workers within UBS.


The results were astounding. Not only did Damilola capture aspect of the different working culture within UBS but also the actual lives and how it is to work, live and socialize in each region.  Now each of these 4 Maps reside in each of the 4 locations for all co workers to see their influence, and stories with the artwork.

Damilola traveled the globe producing 4 live hacks of the UBS logo to display his style and engage with UBS emplyees worldwide pysically and via online submissions

Zurich UBS Logo Artwork

New York  UBS Logo Artwork

London UBS Logo Artwork

Hong Kong UBS Logo Artwork

Each week a new artwork would pop up on the computer screen of every UBS computer worldwide.


Damilola then travelled back to London to produced the final artowrks. They would later be shipped out to each location to be in the UBS private collection, but on show for all employees to enjoy.

Maticulously drawn by hand, Damilola recalls on all of his interactions and input from the four cities to create 4 stunning abstract map.

Hong Kong Map

Approx 3m x 1.8m


New York Map

Approx 1.7m x 2.9m

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