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London based artist and dancer, Damilola Odusote turns heads with his intricate, illustrative style. He graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA honours and works predominantly in graphic inks, sculpture and metallic paint. His art has been exhibited extensively in London and his clients include collectors based throughout Europe and America.


Damilola describes his approach to the Art Chess pieces:


“'Time & Space's landscape of sinking chess pieces challenges our perception of time and space in a gravity defying set. Inspired by the game's fluidity and uncertainty, I used only the identifiable parts of the chess pieces to give a feeling that the rest of the set is in another dimension.


“'Black vs Red' is influenced by sport and war. With each squad identified by their 'helmets' and intricate illustration, the UV-glow red and black depicts two uniformed teams ready for battle.


"Gold Melt' provides a feast for the eyes and mind. Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, the set is a battlefield. The illustrations and royal colour shroud the pieces in armoury whilst their tilted position depicts two opponents ready for combat.”


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